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The Patch

MI-655 Squadron Patch

Earned! Never Given!

The Maj Kevin A Adams Memorial Composite Squadron patch is one of many traditions held in the unit that pays homage to the unit’s namesake. The patch is presented to all members who demonstrate their commitment and dedication to MI-655 and CAP by completing the first level of professional development (Maj Gen John F. Curry Achievement for cadets and Level One for seniors). Any member wearing the patch is expected to be able to explain the history of the patch and describe what each element represents.

The Heraldry

The Maj Kevin A Adams Memorial Composite Squadron patch consists of a black diamond imposed over two smaller black diamonds so that their horizontal vertices are in line. The resulting shape is bordered in yellow. The primary diamond is charged with the Civil Air Patrol logo at middle chief and the numerals “655” in yellow at the fess point. Above the numerals is the squadron charter number and below the text “Ann Arbor” in silver.

The patch design is the graphical representation of the unit and represents the historical legacy of Maj Kevin A. Adams.

The shape created by the three diamonds is symbolic of Maj Adams’ cadet grade insignia. It serves as a reminder of the goal each cadet of the unit should strive to achieve – the Gen Carl A Spaatz Award. The black of the diamond’s field commemorates the mourning of his passing.

The CAP logo with the red tri-prop symbolizes the squadron’s inclusion as part of CAP and the focus on the organization’s three primary missions: Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education, and Emergency Services.

The numerals “655” refer to our squadron identity. The numbers dually represent our squadron charter number and Maj Adams’ Spaatz award number. The yellow color of the numbers and the edge border represent “the sun” and the excellence required of all squadron personnel. Its inclusion indicates the status of the unit’s affiliation to the U.S. Air Force as part of the civilian auxiliary.

The text “GLR-MI-655” is the unit Charter number and “Ann Arbor” is the community that the squadron serves.

Squadron Patch on Boom Operators Station of a KC-135

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