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The Coin

Rules of the Coin

The 655 Squadron Coin - Oblique View

1. The Bestowing of The Coin
A. The coin is bestowed upon a Senior Member of the squadron during their first promotion.
B. The coin is bestowed upon a Cadet of the squadron upon completion of Phase 1 and receipt of the Wright Brothers Award.
C. At the discretion of the Squadron Commander, the coin may be bestowed upon a VIP or distinguished visitor. That person is then considered to be an “honorary member” of the unit.
D. ANYONE bestowed a coin is a Coined Member and is bound by the Rules of The Coin.

2. The Expectations
A. Coined members will carry their coin on their person any time they are in uniform or are attending an official CAP activity.
B. The Coin will not be attached to a chain or lanyard. The Coin will not be carried in a wallet or purse. The Coin will not be defaced by drilling a hole or attaching a fastener.

3. The Coin Check
A. A Coin Check is initiated by drawing the Coin, presenting it in the air by whatever means possible, or proclaiming, shouting, or somehow verbally acknowledging the initiation of a Coin Check. Additionally, a less vocal method is to present the coin by placing it on the bar, table, or floor in a firm manner creating an audible noise easily heard by those being checked.
B. If a coined member drops their coin and it makes an audible sound upon impact, that member has “accidentally” initiated a Coin Check. This is called “paying the price” for improper care of the Coin.
C. Fake coin checks are permissible. Non-verbally presenting a metal object with the intention of provoking another Coined Member to initiate a coin check is allowed.
D. The response to a coin check consists of all Coined Members present drawing and presenting their Coin in a like manner.
E. At the time of the Coin Check you are permitted one minute, one step, and one arm reach to locate your coin. If you still cannot reach it — TOO BAD!
F. A Coined Member who is coin checked and is unable to properly respond MUST buy a round of drinks for all of the Coined Members who DO have their Coin.
G. If everyone being challenged responds in the correct manner, the coin check initiator must buy a round of drinks for all the Coined Members present.
H. Failure to buy a round is a despicable act and will require that a Coined Member be deemed a “Dirty Welcher” and surrender their Coin to the unit commander.
I. A Coined Member in possession of their coin may volunteer to take on the responsibility of buying the round for a Member who fails the Coin Check by becoming their “Second”. This is called “taking one for a brother” and is a true example of the fraternity of the unit.

4. Double Jeopardy
A. Individuals will not be liable for purchasing more than one beverage per person per calendar day.

5. Disputes
A. Disputes will be settled by the ranking member present. If the ranking member present is involved in the dispute, then the next ranking member will settle the dispute. The ranking member’s decision is final. There will be no quibbling. If quibbling occurs, the ranking member present may waive the double jeopardy rule, and said quibbler will purchase two beverages for each Coined Member as punishment for quibbling.

6. When and Where
A. Coin checks are permitted at any time and at any place when two or more Coined Members are together in uniform or at a CAP activity.

7. Exceptions
A. NONE! There are NO exceptions to the rules.

8. Definitions
A. A Coin is a Coin. A Coin Check can only be performed on those who have been bestowed a coin from the same unit or activity.
B. A “challenge coin” obtained through purchase or trade is NOT a coin. It is a souvenir.

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